Is Barcelona a safe city?

You should probably ask yourself this question before traveling to any place, not especially with Barcelona.

Is Barcelona a safe city to go carefree anywhere and anytime?

Safety issues

Yes, you do have to be careful. Bag-snatching (etc) is a problem (as it probably is in most of Europe’s big tourist destinations). Do be careful when you come, as such things will ruin a great holiday.

But, yes, Barcelona is a safe city. You can walk its streets at night and feel safe (though to the right of the Ramblas as you go down to the port is an area you might want to avoid on your own).

Anecdotal evidence suggests that, if you’re young and loud and have had a few beers or ten, you can if you really want to get into a fight with the natives. Don’t.

Otherwise, you are extremely unlikely to see violence of any kind on the streets (unless you are standing outside MacDonalds plate glass window when there’s a demo on, that is).

Safety tips while visiting Barcelona

BCN Online editor has lived in Barcelona since 1980 and never once been robbed.

In any case, it is always good to follow these tips in addition to common sense:

  • Carry your backpack in front of you in crowded places (such as the metro at rush hour, La Rambla or any packed place) and use your front pockets
  • Make sure no one is around when you withdraw money from the ATM
  • Always take care of your belongings, even when checking in at a hotel
  • Common sense

We hope you don’t need it, but in an emergency you can always go to the police. Telephone for tourists is 902 102 112, if you speak Spanish you can call 091 or even install the ALERTCOPS app for Android or iPhone.

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