Accommodation in Barcelona

Looking for a place to stay in Barcelona? Here you will find top sites to find your accommodation in Barcelona and surroundings.

Airbnb: all kinds of accommodation

We’ve not tried this one ourselves, but lots of people looking for a short stay accommodation in Barcelona have highly recommended Airbnb.

The formerly California based company describes itself as “a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world”, which it says are at any price point. With over 4 million hosts and in more than 100,000 cities and 220 countries.

People also tells us that it’s a good place to rent out your accommodation, if you want to do that.

HabitatgeJove: student apartments

The Generalitat-backed HabitatgeJove describes itself as a “housing and accommodation service for young people and youth associations”, and offers searchable databases on apartments, rooms and shared flats to rent in Barcelona.

You’ll even find residence halls and homestays for a real immersion with native spanish speakers if that’s what you’re looking for!

Generally functional and a good bet if you are looking for short- to mid-term, cheap accommodation in Barcelona.


We were impressed by what we found on the oh-barcelona site, which has a large selection of “holiday apartments in Barcelona” (meaning apartments, shared flats and host families).

The ease of searching and finding the sort of thing you are looking for – by dates, by districts of the city, by number of people coming, by price – is also impressive.

Borsa Lloguers: scam free accommodation

Totally scam-free, and probably your best bet for long-term accommodation.

The rental property search engine of the official Col·legi d’Administradors de Finques (Association of Property Administrators). Aims to easily and freely reflect the entire rental offer in Barcelona and Lleida areas.

Note this site is in Spanish only.

More accommodation opportunities

Looking for the best Barcelona hotel deals? Atrapalo impresses us.

The Barcelona street map on our maps page will help you locate any accommodation you see advertised.

Have you already been to Barcelona and booked your accommodation through one of these sites?

Maybe you found a great and cheap accommodation somewhere else and want to share it? Leave us a comment.

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