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La Mercè 2022

🛑 Check La Mercè 2023 for information about this year’s edition of the festival

Barcelona’s “festa major” , La Mercé, is named after its patron saint and includes traditional and avant-garde attractions.

More than 150 live music performances, street artist, popular culture activities and some spectacular traditions such as the castellers (human castles) and the correfoc (literally the firerun), at which dragons belch fire over the packed crowds and demons spray everyone with sparks.

The Mercé also includes a very popular 10km fun run (September 18th) across the city.

Barcelona celebrates ties with Rome

This year, La Mercè celebrates the ties that unite Barcelona and Rome inviting the italian capital to the festival, from September 23 to 26. This year, every the path of the Mercè will take you… to Rome.

Follow the cinema road and you will arrive in a Plaza de la Mercè converted into an al fresco screening room, where the days 23, 24 and 25 September a musical and visual tribute to the composer Ennio Morricone and the projections of the films Roma (by Federico Fellini) will be on, and La grande bellezza, by Paolo Sorrentino.

Also the Mercè Music festival will take you to Rome, with concerts by artists such as Vinicio Capossela, Mannarino, Rachele Andrioli, Paolo Angeli or the mezzo-soprano Marta Valero recreating, with the Symphony Orchestra Voices, the repertoire of the great Mina.

Thanks to Mercè Street Arts, you’ll be able to learn the choreographies of the italians Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, learn to dance the traditional pizzica or attend to comedy and music shows like those of the Marlon Band or the Orchestrina Caramelle. Do you like puppets? Don’t you miss the Teatro San Carlino company.

Finally, the presence of Rome in the Mercè will be noticed at the International Pyrotechnic Festival. And remember that these days the MUHBA (History of Barcelona Museum) reopens the remains of the old Barcino founded, now more than 2,000 years ago, as a Roman colony.

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