Maps of Barcelona

Do you know how to move around Barcelona? Easy with your smartphone at hand! But do you know there are more tools besides Google Maps?

Check them out.

Barcelona street map

The City Council street map of Barcelona is an excellent one, allowing you to search for particular streets, pinpoint all museums, all karaoke bars, you name it… you can create your own detailed map of Barcelona.

You could also obviously use Google Maps for Barcelona, but it’s not nearly as good for plotting other services as this interactive map.

Tourist bus

The tourist bus is an excellent way of getting round Barcelona, of seeing the city and of reaching the Barcelona’s major tourist attractions.

If you love going round a new city in the hop on hop off routine, this is your choice!

From experience, we suggest you wear a hat if you are bald or balding and sitting on the top (open) deck (specially in summer).

Barcelona Metro Map

Barcelona has an excellent, fast and (kind of) cheap underground service, operating from 5.00 am to midnight, 5.00 am to 2.00 am on Fridays and the days before holidays, continuous service on Saturdays from 5.00 am until 12 pm on Sundays.

In the Barcelona metro website you can check all lines, plan your journey and even download the metro map to have it at hand whenever you need it to get to your favourite tourist attractions.

Cycle lanes in Barcelona map

The vast local authority Ajuntament de Barcelona site has a section on cycling in Barcelona, with a map of its cycle lanes.

Here’s the download link for the cycle lanes map in pdf format (it’s not easy to find in that site!) Updated every now and then.

Pack your Brompton in your suitcase and bring it over when you come, Barcelona is a great city for cyclists… Just don’t leave it lying about in the street, that’s all!

In practice, you can cycle throughout the city, although it is advisable to use the bike lanes to ride safely and with respect for everyone..

➕ More information on our transport in Barcelona page.

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